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By | January 9, 2013

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Category: Generic Domains, Entertainment, Science, Services, Society

Sub-Category:  Astrology, Horoscopes, Zodiac


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Wholesale: $50,960  Discount: $127,401 Market: $254,802 Retail: $509,604

* We offer a range of prices because it better reflects how domains actually change hands. We ground them in statistics and comps but we acknowledge that circumstances, interest in selling/buying also plays a huge part. Domains typically sell in the discount to market range but some domain owners will sell cheaper if they need quick funds and others that are not looking to actively sell their domains may want significantly more for their domains!

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Domain Analysis

Overview: is a premium keyword domain that can help anyone in the astrology industry generate huge leads from the web. It is the 4th largest industry related search term on Google search with 1.5 million broad match and 450,000 exact match monthly searches (behind only three other keywords in this niche: Horoscope, Horoscopes and Astrology) and is the highest cost to advertise on out of the four at $1.12 cost-per-click, making it a prime candidate for development as a lead generation portal for those that sell products or services related to the Astrology business.

Comps: $185,259 (2007), $50,000 (2007)

Commentary:  This is one of those domains with real potential for development. With an investment in some SEO work this domain has the ability to make considerable revenues off of just selling astrology reports or horoscope subscriptions , not including any affiliate or advertising revenue which is popular on this type of site. With just  modest penetration and a few products to sell this domain could pay back what you spend on it very quickly.

Automated Appraisals: $54,000

Availability: This domain available through Please contact us with any questions you may have or follow the link below to make an offer.

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Google Keyword Stats

Competition: low

Global Exact Monthly Searches: 450,000

Local Exact (U.S.) Monthly Searches: 246,000

Approximate CPC(Search): $1.12


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